Connect the Train Wagon

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** Connect the Wagons **πŸš‰πŸš‚

I am fond of Trains, Metro and Planes ,so we do try to include the same in our playful learning.πŸš‹πŸš‹πŸš‚πŸ›€πŸš‡

Today we talked about Goods Trains , that doesn’t carry passengers but helps in taking goods from one place to another. πŸ˜‡

Here is our play with the same to elarn Large numbers πŸ”’πŸ”Ÿ2️⃣6️⃣

Materials required πŸ—ƒ
βœ‚οΈ Color pens
βœ‚οΈ Punching
βœ‚οΈPaper clips

Cardboard blocks and paperclips

We have made colourful wagons and cut them into separate number cards.

I have to put the train wagons in sequence starting from 11 and onwards by inserting the one side of paper clip in hole and then hammer it to close the ends and so on.

Here is our Train ready with 11 wagonsπŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸ›€πŸš‡

Train is ready to go for Goods transfer

Note : Mommy has open all paper clips so it was easy for me to use them.

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