Janmashtami : Lord Krishna’s birthday

Indian Festivals

If we talk about it Lord Krishna is everyone’s favorite in India, people do have their presence at Home. Lord Krishna was born in Mathura a city, Uttar pradesh India.

When a little one wants to know more about Krishna the first thing strike in mind is Flute and Butter(Makhan). Krishna was also known as Makhan chor in his neighbourhood.

To make our celebrations and playful learning about Krishna we did a diy paper flute and Dahi Handi play.

Paper flute is easy to make, take a 1/3rd of A4 size sheet vertically. Roll the sheet in flute shape and make some holes on the top side with punching.

you can add any beads, lace or decorating material to add more grace to the flute, here is ours

DIY Flute with color paper

and to make DIY handi take a clay pot and paint it with any of your favorite color ,decorate it with mirrors, beads or anything available.

Add some cotton in the pot to make some handi filled with Dahi/Makhan.

you can hang your handi(claypot) on a height for your little one to jump and grab it. ( Dahi Handi is celebrated in Maharsahtra and Mathura)

this is how our Handi look :

Dahi Handi plat at home

A happy Janmashtami to each one of you , Jai Shri Krishna!

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