Coding for kids

DIY with Sansa Play with Numbers

Yes you read it right, I did a coding activity yesterday and sharing the same with you all.

It is a DIY simple activity.

Materials required:

  • Cardboard
  • white sheet
  • color papers
  • pen
  • glue

First, draw an image on the cardboard, here My mother has did OWL for me and give each body part a number.

Now, cut out the same size color paper, try to give different color to each part so it will be easy to guess the color for little ones.

Next, write down the Beginning letter of color and the number same on cardboard as CODE for each body part, Like for Pink face, P2. Refer the below image

Now, ask the little one to crack the code and identify each part with help of codes. Later stick all of them.

OWL DIY craft

Try this FUN coding with the little ones, certainly it will be a brain teaser for the little ones.

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